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Special Note (From T.O. Christopher Hand “Doji Azai”):

Regarding all of the Stronghold Store Prize Support you see below, Bobby Turman, Ed Alsobrook, and I in conjunction with the Store Owners that will be running our tournaments, have decided that ALL prize support listed below will be given out AT Tournaments. This statement is important because it lets you, as the player, know that we will not simply be handing out Imperial Assy Memberships or random cards on a whim – they will be achieved as Prize Support and will be used to draw in players for the Tournament Scene.

You can be rest assured that players will receive 100% of this prize support with no exceptions (save the TO Shirt thing listed below)!

How Does the Stronghold Store Program work?

The Stronghold Store Program is based upon Imperial Assembly Memberships. When it says below X-X number of members that refers to the number of individuals who have signed up as Imperial Assembly Members AND have declared the our current store (Roll the Dice) as their Stronghold. It is important for all players at the tournament scene to choose the same Stronghold Store so that we can raise our overall level and gain more prize support. If we split our support between multiple stores we will lose a great deal of optional prize support, to include, but not limited to, the option to participate in World Wide Tournaments later on!

The link to become an Imperial Assembly Members follows. After you have signed up, you can go into your profile section and add Roll the Dice as your official Store Affiliation. If you ever need to change stores you can do so on a whim, at any point. Please be aware that changing stores will affect our overall prize support:

Imperial Assembly Membership Official Link

Level 0+ (0-2 IA Members)Emperor Edition Event Kits (L5R CCG), Three 2-Issue Imperial Assembly Memberships, and L5R EE demonstration decks

Every current Stronghold Store will have an opportunity to grow their Legend of the Five Rings community.

Our level zero reward package includes options for participating in Release Events throughout the Emperor Edition Arc (automatic for level 1+, upon request for level 0 stores), as well as 3 trial Imperial Assembly memberships for new members only.

Any brick and mortar store signed up for the Stronghold Store program will also be sent our easy to learn, easy to teach Emperor Edition demo decks. Restocks will be possible, upon request and while supplies last.

Level 1+ (3-5 IA Members)10,000 Card Stronghold Store Global Storyline Event

AEG will be celebrating an incredible milestone later this year – our 10,000th card of the Legend of the Five Rings CCG! We will be commemorating this momentous occasion, in part, with what has made our game so popular to begin with – a Global Storyline Tournament.

All level one stores and higher are asked to help shape the world of Rokugan by holding this very special 10K Event during the Winter Court season (from September to December 2012).

The store will receive promotional material to help run the tournament and each winner of a tournament will cast a vote to determine the outcome of the Storyline Prize offered for this GST.

Level 2+ (6-8 IA Members)Box of Greed!

Back by popular demand, Stronghold Stores of level two or higher will receive a box of Emperor Edition legal ( ) rare cards.

Storeowners are encouraged to award the contents of this box of goodies to active players either through events, random spurts of generosity, or with purchase of other Legend of the Five Rings products. In addition, the box itself makes quite the collector’s item!

Level 3+ (9-11 IA Members)Free copies of War of Honor and Ninja

Do you have the itch for all things L5R?

Stores level three and higher will receive for free two board games set in the acclaimed world of Rokugan – War of Honor and Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan. Stores are strongly encouraged to either use these titles to expand or start their in-store game library.

Level 4+ (12-14 IA Members)Alternative Art Card Set

Stores level four and higher will receive a number of care packages personally addressed to each active Imperial Assembly member aligned to that store. Each member will receive a pack of alternative art cards from the current Emperor Edition arc.

We’ll let you know when we’ve sent these fabulous cards to your home store so you don’t miss out!

Level 5+ (15-17 IA Members)Katana Event Package (10K Event)

Level five and higher stores will have a supplemental component to their 10,000th card event – AEG’s Katana Event Package.

Eligible stores will receive a complimentary katana as well as additional reporting and voting materials for the 10,000th card event.

  • NOTE * This package is in addition to the level one and higher reward for the 10K event.
Level 6+ (18-20 IA Members)Free Booster Display

Level six stores and higher will receive a complementary booster display from the Emperor Edition arc. Retailers should feel free to sell or distribute this reward as they wish!

Level 7+ (21-23 IA Members)Store Uniform Package

2012 will be the year of the local, brick and mortar retailers. To illustrate our solidarity, AEG will provide up to three staff members of Stronghold Stores of level seven and higher custom Stronghold Store shirts to flaunt your style and L5R expertise.

Level 8+ (24-26 IA Members)Full Bleed Promotional Card Sets

As with our level four reward, each level eight and higher store will receive a number of care packages earmarked for their current IA members. The level eight reward will include full bleed cards from the Emperor Edition set for their clan and will be tournament legal for the duration of arc.

Level 9+ (27-29 IA Members)$500 MSRP AEG Product

Have you been dying to try out other games under the AEG banner? Well, level nine and higher retailers will be rewarded with an assortment of AEG’s various product lines! Don’t worry; we will include some fantastic L5R product in this care package as well.

Level 10+ (30-44 IA Members)Storyline Event

As a special thank you to such a devoted community, we invite level ten and higher stores to participate in a special Storyline Event during this year’s Winter Court. Your store will receive free prize support from AEG to help you run this event (if you are not receiving product through a distributor, shipping charges will be incurred)

Level 15+ (45-59 IA Members)Mega Storyline Event

What’s better than a regular Storyline Event – slap a MEGA in front of it! The level fifteen and higher reward will keep your players on the edge of their seats. AEG will again provide support for this very special event, slated for this year’s Winter Court. Just like the level 10 reward, if you are not receiving product through a distributor, shipping charges will be incurred.

Level 20+ (60+ IA Members)Design a Stronghold

Lastly, AEG has the ultimate reward for the ultimate store – designing a Stronghold for the clan of the winner for a future L5R release (upon Design Team’s approval). Discuss your ideas with the L5R Design Team, led by Bryan Reese and get a chance to see your creation become a part of Rokugan! Stronghold stores of level twenty and higher will be woven into the vivid history of the Emerald Empire!

Eligible stores will have the opportunity to run this special event during Winter Court 2012.

Have fun and remember: Your Clan, Your Story, Your Game!

Player Clan Package

Another classic that AEG will be reintroducing this year will be our Clan Alignment Award. When stores have three or more current IA memberships of the same clan, each of those players will be sent special clan specific cards to spice up their decks. In addition, your friendly local retailer will be provided with an ornament to declare that it is a stronghold of that (or those!) clans.







Stronghold Store Program Information

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