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Tournament 1: Welcome to the House of the Golden Dragonfly

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Roll the Dice
215 Robert Rose Dr, Ste F
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

L5R Stronghold Store#: 31005

12 May 2012 (Saturday)
@ 12pm

Entry Fee:
$30: This includes the price of the Emperor Edition Starter (which includes 3 booster packs) and the $5 buy in that will be converted to Store Credit Prize Support!

Format and Information:
Sealed Deck Format. Emperor Edition Set

You will receive an Emperor Edition Starter which will include the three boosters necessary to run the Sealed Format.

1st – Christopher Hand [Tournament Organizer]
2nd – Bobby Turman
3rd – Ed Alsobrook

Prize Support:
In addition to the Store Credit that will be given out from the $5 portion of the entry fee, all players will receive AEG supported promo cards. Because we are currently a Stronghold Level 0 Store, we have also been awarded 3x Imperial Assembly Memberships (6 months only)for free, to give out!

In addition, Bobby Turman and Christopher Hand will be giving out extra prize support from our personal stock of cards and goodies. Items will include, but are not limited to: Clan card boxes for Gempukku players (first timers), a Most Honorable Player prize, an Honor Winner Prize (a Haiku Contest to be judged by players!), and others.

Other Events:
Each Tournament will start with a brief reading from L5R canon fiction. In addition, a quick breakdown of the tournament will be detailed to include a rundown on prize support and the events at the tournament. To start all Tournaments, an Utz! Banzai! count (three times) will be led by one selected member of the Tournament Scene. Throughout the tournament, the Honor event (Haiku Contest) will take place to be voted on by members of the event. A Gempukku Ceremony will take place for all new players. Finally, after every round, any and all individuals may elect to vote their opponent as Most Honorable Player for the Tournament – the player with the most votes at the end will receive a special prize.

Stronghold Store Notation: If you are an Imperial Member please place your affiliation with Roll the Dice as a Stronghold Store. If you are not, JOIN! This will help increase the size of the Stronghold Store Level and will increase prize support given to the House of the Golden Dragonfly by AEG! A list of Stronghold Store goodies will follow.








Tournament Results
by Tournament Organizer: Christopher Hand “Doji Azai”

6 Players, Sealed Deck, Emperor Edition

Rank Name Clan
1st Jeremiah Sager Dragon
2nd Logan Turman Spider
3rd Christopher Hand Crab
4th Bobby Turman Phoenix
5th Lindsey Brown Crane
6th Eric Chance Scorpion

1st – Emperor Edition and Embers of War Booster Packs; Promo Card Holding and Action; EE Starter Box; Imperial Assembly Membership
2nd – EE and EoW Booster Packs; Promo Card Holding and Action; Imperial Assembly Membership
3rd – Promo Card Holding

Last Place – Imperial Assembly Membership; Promo Card Holding

All Players: Promo Card Action and Clan Box

Next Tournament: @ Grand Adventures, Embers of War Booster Draft, 16 JUN 2012 @ 12pm


It was a lot of fun! Thanks for putting it together!


Thanks! It was highly enjoyable and I hope the next tournament fares better in terms of numbers, but maintains the same level of quality!


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