The House of the Golden Dragonfly [An L5R CCG Tournament Site]

Torunament 5

Grand Adventures
803 N. Thompson Lane
Suite 102A
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

L5R Stronghold Store#: 31050

30th SEP 2012 (Sunday)
@ 12pm

Format and Information:
This tournament will be a Constructed Tournament format (i.e. Build your own deck).

Everything that is currently Emperor Legal will be legal for this tournament (The Shadow’s Embrace will be legal).

The $10 Entry Fee will go towards Prize Support for the tournament. In addition, there will be promo cards and a few other goodies for prizes. Last place and the Most Honorable Player will also receive a prize.

Please join the Imperial Assembly on the Website and assign yourself to Grand Adventures as store to help increase the prize support for all tournaments!

Tournament Organizer/Judges:
TO- Shosuro Atari (Bobby Turman)
Judges: Doji Azai (Christopher Hand)

Other Events:
Utz! Banzai!

Stronghold Store Notation: If you are an Imperial Member please place your affiliation with Grand Adventures as a Stronghold Store. If you are not, JOIN! This will help increase the size of the Stronghold Store Level and will increase prize support given to the House of the Golden Dragonfly by AEG! A list of Stronghold Store goodies will follow.



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